Audio Video Slideshow Help & Instructions

Our slideshows are natively made using a 16:9 aspect ratio, this is done as most monitor’s, laptops, tv’s and mobile screens are in this ratio. If you require a different aspect ratio, say 3:2 to suit your images this can be done.

On average 1 image occupies around 7 seconds of the slide show, so a 20-image slide show will be 2 minutes 10 seconds long, this is not a fixed rule if you wish to supply 20 images and wish the show to last 5 minutes to coincide with your music length, we will adjust our timing to suit this.

If you wish to supply recorded music to go with your slideshow you must own a copy of that music, it is perfectly legal to add music in the form that we do for your personal use if you legally own a copy of that music. If, however you wish your slideshow for business purposes i.e., advertising or on a business website you must obtain a license from the copyright owner of the music for us to include it in your slideshow.

Our default slideshow size is 1920x1080 pixels, any supplied images should be at least this size. If you wish the 4K slide show 3840x1920 pixels your images should be at least this size. This is a 16:9 video size but your images don’t have to be cropped to this ratio they can be whatever you choose we will fit the images into your slideshow at their default aspect ratio.

If your image resolutions are too small, they will not look good on a large display.

Image Sizes & Resolution (Click To Open)

This is is an aproximation of image size in megabytes to the resolution in a 3:2 aspet ratio which most cameras take. For a HD slideshow of 1920x1080 your camera sensor would ideally be 3 megabyte, for a 4k slideshow this would ideally be a 10 megabyte. This is not set in stone a a lot of the images used in our slideshows are not presented full screen.


To have us make your slide show follow this guidance.

  • Decide what type/s of slide show you require.
  • Log into our Secure Servers and follow the instructions to open a user account. Once this is done you can upload your files instantly.
  • Pick the images and/or video’s you wish to upload. If you wish your images or video in a particular order rename your images with the order number i.e., 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc.
  • Upload your images to our servers. If you wish us to add text to your slide show include the required information in a .txt document and upload it with your images.
  • Log into our slideshow page and choose slide show types you require using the links on the left-hand panel, this can also be done from this page.
  • Decide on payments.

  • We will process your slide show asap, but please allow us up to 7 days to do so.
  • We will contact you and you will be able to download your slide shows from our servers using your user account.


Basic slide show includes the first 20 images and comes with a 1080x1920 HD mp4 video.