Audio Visual Slide Show

With our audio video slide shows you can have all your images, video and accompanying music presented in a playable format that suits your needs.

So why have all your images scattered on your phone, computer, or Cd's and having to view them individually?

Upload your images and chosen music to our servers and let us produce an outstanding audio video slide show for you to watch on your TV, Computer, Phone, Tablet or have it as a screen saver.

Example of a basic slide show with music

Example of a basic slide show with music

Example of a basic slide show with music

Output FormatsFunction
Executable file for windows.This is a window’s only .exe file ready for playback on a windows PC.
Windows screen saver.Have your slide show play as your windows screen saver .scr format.
MP4 video up to 4k 3840x2160.This is a high quality 60 fps mp4 video file in H.264 format that will play on PC, Mac, Tv and PlayStation.
MP4 video for mobiles & Tablets.This is a lower quality 30 fps video file in H.264 format sized to suit your tablet or phones screen size.
AVI video.This is for older devices that cannot play H.264 video.
HTML5 video for web.This is designed for integration into a web page.

It is very simple, log-in to our Secure Servers, upload your images and we will produce your slide show ready for downloading.

For a detailed guide, follow the instructions on our AV Help Page.


Basic slide show includes the first 20 images and comes with a 1080x1920 HD mp4 video.